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Where is Nanakmatta City?

Nanakmatta Sahib is famous temple of Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand, it has come more people every. Nanakmatta has nearest places of Khatima city, Banbasa, Tanakpur city, Purnagiri temple. Nanakmatta is famous Grudwara than popular. Nanakmatta has nearest a market and all product.

What was Nanakmatta Old Name?

Nanakmatta old name was Gorakhmatta, but present Nanakmatta.

How to reach Nanakmatta?

Nanakmatta city, if you want to come Nanakmatta place of Uttarakhand. 1. Bus and Bike 2. personal (bike and car). all types roadways, transport will get, Bus and Lift.

Nanakmatta has 2 famous places

  1. wail shibh is famous boil , it comes to see every day, it is historical story of Nanakmatta.

2. Nanakmatta dam is river dam. it is dam all types, fish and sank, alligator, other fish.

5 Nearest Tourism places Nanakmatta Tourist places

Nanakmatta has Few Tourist places and visiting now. you can visiting for any time on [Noon and evening ]

  • Khatima city
  • Banbasa Tourist Places
  • Tanakpur
  • Purnagiri temple
  • Nepal Border

Khatima city

Khatima is small city in Udham Singh Nagar on Uttarakhand and India. Khatima is famous place of Uttarakhnad. it is nearest places, Nanakmatta, Tanakpur and Purnagiri temple, Nepal border.

Banbasa Tourist Places: [Overview]

Banbasa is small city of Champawat in Uttarakhand, it is Nearest places of Tanakpur Tourism, Nepal Border Banbasa, Purnagiri temple, Sidh Baba temple in Nepal. Banbasa is hub of market of Nepali peoples! Banbasa ways to go Nepal. Banbasa Tourist place is a famous place of Champawat and beautiful city.


Tanakpur is best place and my favorite place, Tanakpur goes to Nepal city and other place of Nepal. Tanakpur is a good place. Tanakpur is small city of Champawat in Uttarakhand and best tourism places. it is famous and poplar place, Tanakpur nearest place is Sharda river. Tanakpur tourism is good Himalayas . .

Purnagiri Temple of Champawat

Purnagiri temple is famous place of Uttarakhand and Himalayas place, this is visiting all times peoples as Jun and July [12 months ]. Purnagiri Mandir opens all time, Purnagiri Mela times, April and Jun. Purnagiri is Hindu temple and all Hindu to see.

 Nepal border in Tanakpur

Tanakpur between is destines of Nepal border 1 Km (Kilo Meter), Tanakpur and Nepal Border comes Sharda River. you may go Nepal border and to see Sidh Baba temple, it is Hindu temple.

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