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Who is Jagesh Singh Rana? - Dearpoint


Jagesh Singh Rana is an Indian Blogger and Youtuber!

Who is Jagesh Singh Rana? 

Jagesh Singh Rana is an Indian Blogger and Youtuber!
He lives in Khatima city and  is Learning For (SEO) Search Engine optimization. Rana is Learning digital marketing since 5 years, all type websites and YouTube channel, and Google ads! Google search, How it works. He gave Knowledge's of SEO for all Type websites, tips optimize.

  1. Born / (December) India, Uttarakhand, khatima
  2. Height / 5 ft
  3. Jagesh Singh Rana Nickname / Jayesh Life
  4. Education and Qualification / i don't know
  5. facebook page / Jagesh singh rana
  6. Official Website /

knowledge of Technology

  1.  Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) 
  2.  WordPress. (CMS)
  3.  blogger.
  4.  Business analytics.
  5.  Hindi typing and English typing.
  6.  Photoshop editing.
  7. Normal web developer.
  8.  Search console Tool.
  9.  Google analytics.
  10.  video editing.

jagesh singh rana nainital

    jagesh singh rana official website

    jagesh singh about

    i know seo few tips. if you want learn you 
    below the section scroll down.

    in future website and YouTube. tips for you. domain authority grow now. red now.  best keyword density 1.8 1.3. 

    are  use in  title  tags  H1, H2, H3.
    title tag and heading  use now  spacial simple and content  : ( )  [  ] , . | \ - "jayesh life"  grow you tube and  website traffics. trust me. 

    if you new words use now title tag you are grow now.  trust me 

    back-link :
     from you tube. back link  create now  high  authorty web page.

    seo knowledge: 

    expired domains:     fine now you are going now   if  you How to Earn Money online in Hindi 

    What is Featured Snippet Hindi

    (Featured Snippets in Hindi) special Answer Box. 
    Google first page on Answer more information Famous People.
    Featured snippets example. short answer. Best website for Hindi lean for Bingers SEO tips in Hindi  and seo example of content writing in Hindi, Title tag in Hindi
    Jagesh Singh Rana (Tanakpur - sharda River)

    i have come To Injoy Sharda River on  Tanakpur . This is my photos. i am  near places  of  The Sharda River in Tanakpur 2018.
    This is a Best Monument of Life in 2018, i have visited on 2018, 
    This is a photo Boom Place in Tanakpur.

    jagesh singh rana profile
    jagesh singh rana image

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